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Coolant Purification & Treatment

We are processing Industrial used coolant and purify it at our factory, which in turn is redistributed as pure water, can be used for gardening plants and in water coolers.

Most metalworking plants use some type of coolant for machining, grinding, polishing and other production operations. These fluids perform many valuable functions, including heat removal, lubrication and removal of chips and swarf produced during processing. In manufacturing, it's vital to keep your coolant free of solids and tramp oil. After all, clean coolant provides longer tool life, better part finishes, higher production rates, lower coolant costs and increased worker productivity. We offer a vast array of products for coolant filtration, recovery and purification. Our systems improve part quality, reduce maintenance, produce less waste and safeguard worker health. We will work with you to deliver the best quality coolant at an economical cost.